CERB Extention & New Benefits

August 21, 2020

CERB has officially been extended from 24 weeks to 28 weeks. Before returning to the EI program.

Additionally, the Government of Canada is proposing to implement three new benefits. 
The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) which will provide up to $400 per week for up to 26 weeks, to workers who are self-employed or are not eligible for EI and who still require income support and who are available and looking for work.
The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) which will provide $500 per week for up to two weeks, for workers who are sick or must self-isolate or reasons related to Covid-19.
The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) which will provide $500 per week for up to 26 weeks per household, for eligible Canadians unable to work because they must care for:
– a child under age 12 due to the closures of schools or daycares because of COVID-19.
– a family member with a disability or a dependent because their day program or care facility is closed due to COVID-19.
– a child, a family member with a disability, or a dependent who is not attending school, daycare, or other care facilities under the advice of a medical professional due to being at high-risk if they contract COVID-19.

By returning to the EI program, and introducing new complementary recovery benefits, The government is ensuring Canadians have access to better supports that will help them through the next phase of our recovery.

The program will allow Canadians with 120 hours of insurable work or more to meet these new requirements by providing a temporary, one-time credit of 300 insurable hours for those claiming EI regular and work-sharing benefits. Canadians claiming EI special benefits – including maternity, parental, sickness, compassionate care, and family caregiver – they will be provided with a temporary, one-time credit of 480 insurable hours.
For all the details, you can read more on the CRA website.