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2018 Updates

Automobile allowance rates

The automobile allowance rates for 2018 are:

  • 55¢ per kilometre for the first 5,000 kilometres driven
  • 49¢ per kilometre driven after that

Donation Tax Credit

In 2018 the donation tax credit percentage was increased from 11.16% to 17.5%.

Fraudsters BEWARE

CRA is reminding Canadians to be wary of fraudsters claiming to be from the CRA.  CRA does not request personal information such as credit card, bank account or passport numbers.  They would not request personal information through unsolicited email with a link or by text message.

Airbnb & Uber

CRA considers income from home sharing through Airbnb as rental income.  Airbnb and Uber have been forced to share information with the CRA.

Express Notice of Assessment

If you have a registered my account with the CRA you will be able to received an express NOA through a certified tax software minutes after your tax return filed.

Fertility Treatments

Until now, Canadians had to be diagnosed as medically infertile to be able to claim the cost of reproductive technologies as part of their medical expense tax credit. The change in the 2018 budget opens the tax credit to those who aren’t infertile, such as single women who want to have a child or a same-sex couple who want to start a family.

Moreover, the way the government has decided to proceed means the measure will also effectively be retroactive. By framing it as a clarification of the tax laws, it means that anyone who has incurred expenses over the past 10 years for reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization can refile their taxes for that year and claim the expense.